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Should I Buy a Laptop or a Tablet?

In the ongoing popularity contest between tablets and laptops, which device wins "Prom King" status often comes down to age and the profession of those who are casting ballots. So far, while tablets are gaining almost celebrity status among the young, professionals still seem to prefer laptops. With Black Friday laptop and tablet deals on the horizon, it might be a good time to consider the best tablets and laptops and start the new year ahead of the crowd. But what about people who are sitting on the proverbial electronic fence? How does one decide?

For those who are under the age of 15, the likely pick will be the tablet. Its size and

ease of access for consuming the Internet make it a runaway favorite in this demographic. According to an article by Melanie Ehrenkranz of iDigitalTimes, the use of the best tablets in this group, especially with children ages 5 through 15, is increasing. From 2012 to 2014, the use of the tablets among children has more than doubled. The high resolution screen lends itself to gaming and internet surfing. Even children ages 3 to 5 are getting into the tablet craze.

For college students though, and business professionals who are traveling or performing a lot of creative work while traveling or at their office, the laptop still wins out with many. People prefer working on laptops when writing and printing documents. Laptops are more powerful than tablets, allowing them to render 3D graphics and run more powerful software packages. Although tablets are great for casual gaming, laptops also hold an edge among hardcore PC gamers. Answer the following questions to learn more about which device may be best for you.

Do you plan to do lots of writing with your laptop or tablet?
Laptops and tablets are both great for gaming. Which best describes your feelings about games?
Laptops are packed with more powerful hardware, but tablet PCs are optimized for using today's most popular apps. What kind of software do you use?
How often would you travel with your laptop or tablet?
How frequently would you like to use your device?
Tablets have highly responsive touchscreen keyboards and also small keyboard attachments. Laptop keyboards are more similar to desktop PC keyboards. Which keyboard style would you prefer?
You can't take a selfie with a laptop. Is this a big deal for you?
Have you had positive owner experiences with laptops or tablets?
Are you buying a device for a child under the age of 15?