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Should I Buy a Nexus 6p?

Designed by Google, the Nexus 6p is an improvement over previous models. While the software included in this Android phone has always been powerful, the Nexus 6p beats other models with new gorgeous hardware to match. This 5.7-inch Android smartphone provides impressive competition for the iPhone and other Android phones, offering consumers a beautiful flagship phone that is perfect for almost everyone looking for the latest technology. The top three best features of the Nexus 6p include lightening-fast processing speed, impressive battery life, and state of the art security that takes advantage of consumers’ fingerprints.


Nexus 6p is an impressively fast Android phone, practically jumping at the whim of the user. The top-of-the-line Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor allows users to do several things at once with no lag. Tap an icon, and it launches right away; users can then return to the home screen and launch others without the Nexus 6p freezing up. Gamers will be happy with the 6p’s ability to handle games and apps with intensive graphics without missing a beat. Not only do games load quickly, but they can be played without a hitch.

The battery life on the Nexus 6p is impressive, with real-life tests that show that users can squeeze 24 hours of regular use out of the phone before charging is necessary. Users don’t need to worry about others using their phones without permission. The state of the art fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 6p wakes up the phone and unlocks it in a single step. Located on the back of the phone, the fingerprint sensor is located conveniently where the index finger usually rests. The Nexus 6p has been called the best Android phone for anyone, as it does all of the regular smartphone tasks better than any of its competitors. Take this quiz to find out if the Nexus 6p is the phone for you.

Do you take and share high-resolution photos?
Do you like to multitask over a wide range of apps?
Would you like to use your phone for 24 hours before having to charge it?
Are you a gamer who uses high-intensity apps?
Are you willing to pay $500 for a new Nexus 6p?
Do you use your phone to stream a range of media on a daily basis?
Do you want a phone with extra security?
Are you interested in using the Android Marshmallow operating system?