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Should I buy a Playstation 4?

Sony has earned a reputation for producing video game consoles that lead the way in power in performance. The Playstation 4 continues this trend, offering processing power and graphic prowess that edge out the Xbox One, its closest competitor.

The PS4's predecessor, the Playstation 3, also led its generation of consoles in raw gaming power. However, the system's proprietary processing technology prevented many game developers from fully uncorking the PS3's potential. Creating

software for the PS3 was difficult and costly; as a result, the system's library suffered with fewer exclusives and less downloadable content.

Fortunately, the PS4 corrects this problem using AMD chipsets similar to PC gaming technology. This means third-party developers will have no problems creating games that take advantage of all this system has to offer. With dedicated graphics processors and enough built-in RAM to accommodate games for years to come.

Of course, the Playstation 4 isn't the only option for people who want to play games at home. There's also the Xbox One, the other next-gen system which is nearly as powerful and has its own unique benefits. Or, there's the less-expensive Nintendo Wii U, which is a generation behind in graphics but has exclusives not found on any other system.

Should you buy a Playstation 4? Our guide can help you decide.

What kinds of games do you prefer?
How important do you consider graphics to be for your overall gaming experience?
How do you feel about the PS4's basic price of $399, which includes one controller and no games?
Do you want remote play? That is, the ability to play games on a handheld device that's wirelessly tethered to your video game console?
Would you be willing to pay an extra $150 for a device that enables remote play?
Would the ability to play retro games be just as important as playing brand new games?
Do you care whether more of your games are rendered at 1080p than 720p resolution?
Would you pay a monthly subscription to get access to free games and other benefits?
Do you want a system that includes motion-tracking technology, similar to the Nintendo Wii or Playstation Move device?
If you could play your old games from any previous system, which would it be?