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Should I Buy An Expensive Stroller?

Babies used to be pretty simple in the grand scheme of things, especially when it came to baby gear. Now, when you go shopping for a stroller, words like “ergonomic” or "shock absorbent" come into play. Baby strollers now come with cell phone chargers, LCD screens and convertible wheels.

These strollers are the high end strollers—the best of the best. No doubt catered toward the upper class and celebrities, especially since some of these strollers come with "paparazzi shields." However, for the average family, strollers are still one of the higher-priced items necessary for taking the baby out. For convenience,

most parents prefer to go with a stroller that serves as both a car seat and a stroller, with the two pieces being able to function separately and together. Pricing for these averages around $175-- not exactly a drop in the bucket.

Active parents may want to look into "joggers," which are strollers designed for parents running with their children. These strollers can run anywhere from $100 to $600.

With all of these options, it's tough to determine whether the cost is worth it. Use our quiz to find out whether getting an expensive stroller is the right thing for you. Once you’ve made that determination, you can begin tracking down reviews for specific models that fit your needs.

How often do you plan to travel by car?
How often do you anticipate walking around with your child?
Are you a frequent runner?
What is your budget for a stroller?
How important is ease of transition from car to stroller to you?
How important is function and practicality to you?
How important is portability to you?
Do you prefer name-brand items when it comes to safety?