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Should I Buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has recently been released and is already being considered the best device that the electronics company has ever made. Gorgeous and sleek, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is currently the phone to buy, surpassing expectations from the inside out. The shape of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is its defining feature, creating a pleasurable viewing experience for any task the user might want to complete, from simply reading email to watching the latest offering from Netflix. The edge display navigation allows users to jump effortlessly from one application to another without having to go back to the start screen. Saving time

and effort with just a swipe from (literally) the edge of the phone, this one-of-a-kind feature can be customized for each person’s needs.

By traditional smartphone standards, the battery life is astounding at a 16-hour average life, while video playback clocks in around 20 hours. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a battery that can last a full day without a charge, even while navigating and streaming content on the go. The battery charges in less than 100 minutes. The camera is also brilliant, taking impressive photos at only 12 megapixels, and these photos and other content can be stored on a microSD card when built-in storage is maximized. The microSD slot has been reinstated on this Samsung Galaxy model, providing 200 GBs of additional storage.

While on the more expensive side at $699 for the 32 GB model, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is considered one of the best Android phones currently on the market, rivaling the iPhone in attractiveness, function, and technology. In addition to how well the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge performs, it is simply a beautiful phone that is resistant to both water and dust. The top three best features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge include its seductive and ergonomic wraparound design, a massive quick-charging battery, and expandable storage. Take this quiz to see whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is right for your needs.

Do you often run out of the built-in storage on your phone?
Do you like to install and use a wide variety of apps?
Are you willing to pay between $650 and $699 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?
Do you take and store high-resolution photos on your phone?
Are you planning on taking and editing 4K home video?
Are you searching for a phone with a clear, wide screen?
Do you stream different types of media on your phone on a daily basis?
Are you searching for a phone that resists water and is tough when dropped?