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Should I buy flowers for my girlfriend?

Buying flowers for your girlfriend is a traditional romantic gesture you can try to show her you care. The two main reasons most partners buy flowers for their girlfriends are because they are attempting to apologize or are attempting to make the girl feel special and loved.

When flowers are used to help deliver a sincere apology, a bigger bouquet is recommended to deliver a stronger impact. When flowers are used to increase the romance in the relationship, the size of the bouquet should match the size of the gesture.

Flowers can be purchased easily online, although it might be a big pricy if your girlfriend's favorite flower

is not in season. It is cheaper, and some girls will say more romantic, to pick up the flowers from a flower shop and deliver them yourself.

Although buying flowers for your girlfriend might seem like an easy and fast way to improve the relationship, not all girls like receiving flowers, for a variety of reasons. Some girls are allergic to flowers. Some girls might not be impressed that you purchased flowers instead of a gift that is more meaningful and personal. Some girls may find receiving flowers too cheesy and clich. It's important to know what your girlfriend likes.

Can you afford to buy an amount of flowers that your girlfriend would find impressive?
Is your relationship very casual and does your girlfriend prefer it that way?
Will your girlfriend think that receiving flowers is too much because you have already been spoiling her with gifts and affection lately?
Is your girlfriend expecting or hoping to receive flowers?
Does your girlfriend like surprises?
Is your girlfriend fond of romantic gestures or notions?
Is there something that you think your girlfriend would like to receive much more than flowers that is in your price range?
Do you believe your girlfriend would like receiving flowers?
Is your girlfriend allergic to flowers?