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Should I change careers?

The decision to change careers can be intimidating, especially when you've spent years working in one field. Most people change careers seven or more times in their lifetime, however, so you are definitely not alone. Whether you're thinking of moving to a different position within the company you already work for, or want to throw in all your chips and start your own business, timing is everything.

When trying to decide whether now is the time to change careers, take a hard look at your motivation behind wanting to switch careers. Do you want to make the switch because you've hit a rough patch at your current job or don't get along

with coworkers, or are you looking for something that's a better fit for your long-term goals? While the occasional change in career can be healthy and contribute to personal growth, jumping from one career to another means you never really have a chance to fully settle into anything.

The quiz below can help you determine whether a change in careers is a step in the right direction, or something you should put off for the time being.

How long have you worked in your current career field?
What is your primary reason for considering a new career?
How do you feel before going in to work every day?
Why have you stayed in your current field or position up to this point?
What preparations have you made to switch careers?
How long have you been considering a change in careers?