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Should I cosplay?

Cosplay is a popular hobby among sci-fi and anime enthusiasts. Cosplay involves dressing up as your favorite character from TV shows, movies, anime, video games or books. Cosplay is very common at anime, comic book and sci-fi conventions. It is not uncommon to see characters from Doctor Who, Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon and even Twilight having a conversation while in character. Cosplay is more than just wearing a costume; the most hardcore cosplayers try to stay in character.

Those considering cosplaying need to make sure they have the time and money to get the outfit right. It can take time to find the right pieces for a costume

and the most dedicated cosplayers might spend hundreds of dollars or dozens of hours just on one outfit or related props. Some fans even spend thousands for Hollywood-quality props, which are exact replicas of what was used in the actual production, such as weapons or vehicles. Certain costumes may be hard to wear for long periods of time, especially if they require wigs, head gear, theater makeup, corsets or high heels. Those who are not in shape may not feel comfortable wearing a more revealing cosplay or anything at all that will attract attention. If you have an excellent cosplay, expect to have your picture taken a lot.

Another important consideration on whether or not you should cosplay is if you have a place to wear it. Besides conventions and costume parties, there are not that many other avenues where you can show off your cosplay around people who will appreciate your taste. Wearing a cosplay to the mall or grocery store might give you unfavorable attention. Not everyone likes the idea of spending so much time or money on an outfit that only gets worn a couple of times per year. Please answer the questions below to see if you should cosplay.

Are you creative and expressive?
How will you feel about the attention you will get for dressing up?
Do you like getting your picture taken?
Are you worried about what other people might think about your cosplay?
Are you able to purchase or make a costume?
Do you have a place to wear your cosplay?
Will you be the only one dressing up?
Are you passionate about the character you are interested in cosplaying?
Do you look like the character you are interested in cosplaying?
How do you feel about wearing something uncomfortable for a long period of time like a wig?
How do you feel about carrying a prop?