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Should I dress up for Halloween?

Halloween is one of the few times in a person's life where it is usually socially acceptable to wear something outrageous, such as dressing up like a monster or sexy nurse. Dressing up for Halloween can make costume parties livelier and can make trick-or-treating a better experience.

Many people are unsure on whether or not they should dress up for Halloween because it might take too much work to come up with a decent costume or it is frowned upon as an adult. Costumes might be expensive or it may be possible to get tired of celebrating Halloween every year. There may even be some deep-seeded religious reasons that can make

dressing up for Halloween difficult.

Although many people see Halloween as a holiday that is just for kids, dressing up can still be fun. Even if you're too old to trick-or-treat and don't feel like passing out candy, there still may be places to wear a costume if you do decide to dress up. Many workplaces throw office parties for holidays like Halloween or at least encourage employees to dress up. If you cannot find a costume party to attend, you can always throw your own.

Please answer the questions below to see if you should dress up for Halloween.

Are you able to get a costume to wear for Halloween that you like?
How many people your age dress up for Halloween?
Are you comfortable with the attention you will get for dressing up?
Will other people you know be dressing up?
Was Halloween one of your favorite holidays as a kid?
How do you feel about trick-or-treaters?
Do you have kids that are looking forward to you dressing up?
How does Halloween fit in with your religious beliefs?
Are you able to find a party or event where you can wear your costume?