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Should I drive or fly?

When trying to get to point A to point B, two popular choices are to either drive or fly. If driving, a person needs to be able to concentrate on driving for long periods of time, especially if the driver does not have a companion to take turns with. Whenever the driver takes a break, the journey stops, so those who need to make frequent food or bathroom breaks will progress slower. Those that drive for long periods of time may become mentally taxed, which can be a serious safety concern. With the cost of gasoline and the potential cost of car maintenance or rental, automobile insurance and hotel rooms for trips that take more than one

day, it can actually be more economical to fly.

In most cases, flying is seen as a time-saver. The only exception to this is when airlines experience delayed flights, cancellations, long security checks or several layovers. Since many airlines require a passenger to check in at least an hour in advance, driving to the location in a car might be speedier than the wait and flight time combined, especially for short distances. The amount of luggage that you are bringing is also something to consider. Those that are moving to a new location might find driving to be a better choice to avoid the extra baggage fees.

What annoys you the most?
What are you most concerned about on your trip?
Is it important to you to have control on when you will eat, take breaks and arrive?
Which option will save you the most time?
Which option is more economical?
Are you afraid of flying?
Are you a safe driver, especially for long distance drives?