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Should I dye my hair?

Both men and women dye their hair. In fact, it is believed that at least 60% of women dye their hair. Dying your hair gives you the ability to change your look. Changing your hair color might give you a new lease on life or a self-esteem boost if it looks good. Hair dying can also cover up gray hair, so it can hide signs of aging.

Hair dying is not for everyone. There is no guarantee that the color will turn out fabulous even if you go to a salon. Hair dying can be time consuming, expensive and messy if you use a DIY kit. The color may be hard to maintain and might require monthly touchups. If you are considering going for a

color that does not exist in nature, like pink or purple, you can expect to spend time maintaining it once every two weeks. In order to keep your hair looking its best, you may have to use special shampoos and conditioners that are designed to work for color-treated hair.

The chemicals used in hair dye can rob hair of its natural shine over time. Some scientists believe that exposing yourself to the chemicals used in permanent hair dye may increase your risk of developing cancer. Those who already have a higher risk of developing cancer will need to think very hard if hair dying is worth the risk.

If you do dye your hair and are not happy with the results, you can either try dying it again or grow out the bad dye job. Waiting for your hair to grow out might take a while. This might be unacceptable for some people.

Now that you have considered the pros and cons of dying your hair, please answer the questions below to see if you should dye your hair.

Why do you want to dye your hair?
How do you feel about gray hair?
How healthy is your hair right now?
How do you feel about spending hours each month maintaining your dye job?
How do you feel about having to use special shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair?
How will you feel about the extra attention you will get for changing your hair color?
Are you worried about putting potentially harsh chemicals on your head in order to dye your hair?
How much do you feel you need a new look right now?
What will you do if your dye job doesn't turn out right?
What will you do if you get bored of the color you dyed your hair?
How are you thinking about dying your hair?
How much of a change in color are you hoping to achieve?
Is there a chance you might be allergic to hair dye?