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Should I end my relationship?

Sad fact about romance -- most relationships end in break-ups. Although most relationships start as fun and invigorating, people eventually come up with reasons to separate from their significant others. Fear of commitment is a frequent culprit; so are growing feelings for friends, coworkers, exes and others. Some people just don't now how to carry on relationships once the newness has worn off.

Once you consider breaking up, shaking those thoughts can be difficult.
Few things are worse than wondering if you're dating the wrong person. Unfortunately, breaking up is often more difficult than asking someone out, which is why people tend to linger in relationships that have long passed their expiration dates. However, caution can be a good thing when deciding whether to break up. For people who are strangers to serious relationships, sometimes true love doesn't set in until after the fireworks are over.

Take this quiz to learn if now's the right time for you to break up with your significant other.
How long have you been dating?
Have you been faithful to your significant other?
Has your significant other been faithful to you?
How do you feel about your significant other?
How does your significant other feel about you?
Has your significant other abused you physically or emotionally?
What do you and your significant other argue about?
Do you live together?
What do your friends think you should do?
If you stayed together, where would you see your relationship in five years from now?