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Should I get a degree in Healthcare Administration?

A healthcare administration is the best way to develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage a hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare service provider. Because hospitals need managing just like any other place of business, healthcare administrators have one of the most important jobs in the field of healthcare. But unlike other administration jobs, healthcare administration can be a lot more challenging, requiring the management of healthcare workers, patients, marketing, communications, policies, and healthcare economics among other duties. And also unlike other administration jobs, healthcare administration

is usually taught at a medical school, or schools of business and public health.

A healthcare administration degree is taught at a master’s level, requiring a higher level degree to graduate. Master’s Healthcare Administration degrees or MHA degrees can provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to extend their existing management knowledge and skills. Typically, MHA programs are meant for students who already have experience in the field of management with experience as a general or financial manager, as well as some knowledge of public health and the structure of health care systems

The top colleges to get a healthcare administration degree include the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and the University of California in Los Angeles. In addition to college campuses, there are also degrees offered from online programs such as those from Kaplan University. Any of these colleges can provide a quality education, preparing you for an exciting career in healthcare administration. If you are interested in healthcare administration, but aren’t sure whether it is right for you, answer these questions to help you decide.

Do you have any management experience?
Do you have a Bachelor's degree?
Do you have a degree in Business or Business Administration?
Do you feel comfortable working in a hospital setting?
Do you understad the structure of the healthcare system?
Are you organized?
Can you think analytically?
Are you determined to advance your career on a continuous basis or are you looking to hold a postition for the long term?