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Should I Get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is one of the new best phones on the market today and improves upon Samsung’s successful and quality designed smartphone. Featuring an upgraded operating system and menu, as well as a uniquely constructed interior, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is truly one of a kind. Built as a phone for those who enjoy the outdoors, engaging in sports, hiking and other recreational activities, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active offers just what you need. 

Unique to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, is a shatterproof, waterproof and dustproof exterior that is resistant to all external sources of damage and weather. Besides

recreational activities, it’s even great for those who live in areas that frequently experience rain or work in an hazardous occupation. Additionally, the phone contains an extended life battery that, unlike most smartphones, actually lasts throughout the day without needing a charge. It also features a fingerprint sensor that’s a first for a Samsung Galaxy phone, and camera that can take low light photographs. Last but not least, S7 Active users can watch DirecTV right from their phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is offered exclusively by AT&T network. Starting at less than $30 a month, AT&T customers can enjoy this phone provided they sign a two-year agreement. Alternatively, the phone can be purchased all at once for less than $800. In the spirit of the environment, AT&T has awarded this phone a 5-star eco-rating 2.0 which states that the phone is composed of recyclable materials. If you are looking to buy a new phone, search the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active from AT&T and answer these questions to figure out if its right for you.

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?
Do you engage in sports or outdoor activities such as hiking?
Do you work in an environment where you are exposed to a lot of dust?
Do you frequently drop your cell phone?
Are you an AT&T customer or are considering AT&T as your next provider?
Are you comfortable spending $700+ on a smartphone?
Have you ever owned a smartphone?
Do you frequently leave your home for long periods of time?