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Should I hire a housekeeper?

If cleaning is the last thing you want to do, you might want to consider getting a housekeeper or hiring a maid is right for you. If you have trouble keeping your home spotless due to your busy schedule, hiring help may not sound like a bad idea. Having someone else in charge of getting the housework done can free you up to spend more time on your career or other duties. Some housekeepers will go beyond just cleaning your house and can do other things like preparing meals for you.

Although you might be able to use the additional help, having a housekeeper is not for everyone. Hiring a housekeeper can be expensive. It can be stressful

leaving your house's care in the hands of someone else, especially if you are worried about things getting damaged, or worse, theft of valuables. If chores need to be performed a certain way, it might be better to do them yourself, especially if you are not home to monitor if the housekeeper or maid is taking shortcuts or not.

If you can find a trustworthy person who is good at housekeeping, it could be worth the expense. Please answer the questions below to find out if you should hire a housekeeper or not.

Would you trust another person to clean your house?
Can you afford the extra help?
Do you take great pride in keeping your home clean yourself?
Do you often leave valuables that people would want to steal out in the open?
How concerned would you be if theft occurred?
Do you have the time to clean the house yourself?
Do you have the energy to clean the house yourself?
Do you have mobility issues that make it difficult or painful to do housework?
How will you feel if you don't get a hand with the housework?
Are there reputable and trustworthy housekeepers in your area that you could hire?
What is the main reason why your home is messy?