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Should I leave work early?

After clocking into your place of work for the day, as the hours go by, there may be many other places you would like to be instead. There can be many reasons why you don't want to be there. Those reasons may be related to the job itself, such as harsh work conditions or unpleasant co-workers. Or your reason may be personal, such as you feel a cold coming on or it's the perfect day to go to the beach.

If you are seriously considering leaving work early, there are two main factors to consider. The first factor to consider is how serious are you about leaving work early? It is important to determine your level of seriousness at

the beginning to see if leaving early is worth the risk. For some, leaving work early may affect performance reviews and chances of career advancement. For others, the only consequence may be a smaller paycheck that period. The second factor is how important is your role at your job? This matters a lot because if you are the only doctor in town, people's lives may depend upon you being there.

No matter what you choose, both options can be rewarding. If you decide to not leave work early, it shows you have respect for your job and lots of willpower. If you do decide to leave early, you will have quality time to do something that you consider more important.

If you leave early, will you be reprimanded, punished or fired?
Is it possible to find a replacement on short notice?
Are you the only one available who can do what you do?
Will it affect you or your company's profitability, goodwill or reputation?
Are many people counting on you being at your job?
Do you like what you do at your job?
Are you very stressed or not feeling well?
Are you under a tight deadline to get your work done by a certain time?
Do you need the extra hours because of your financial situation?
Are you able to set your own hours or set up a flex-time arrangement?