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Should I make my winter holiday gifts or buy them?

No matter what holiday you're gifting for, gifts that you make yourself can be special, personal, and inexpensive ways to let your family and friends know that you care. There are massive websites and enormous stores dedicated to master crafters, and for good reason. Some people (and you might be one of them) are able to take a few simple supplies and turn them into truly special personalized works of art.

Of course, making gifts is not for everyone. While some people may end the holiday season surrounded by beautifully crafted presents all ready for distribution, others will end up sobbing in a pile of fabric

scraps, glitter and twine. Crafting takes time and talent, as well as the dedication to see each gift through to completion.  Not sure if you should craft your gifts or buy them? Just answer the questions below.

Do you have money to spend on purchasing gifts?
Are you good at following through on multiple projects?
Are you an experienced crafter?
Do you have ideas as to what each person would want if you made something for them?
Do you know what each person would want if you bought something for them?
Do you find arts and crafts enjoyable?
Are your friends and family appreciative of thought and effort, or do they just want something store-bought?
Will it cost more to purchase supplies to make the gifts than it would to purchase the gifts themselves?
Do you have time to make gifts?