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Should I move to England?

There's a saying about the grass being greener on the other side, but there may be some legitimate reasons why you may be thinking about moving to England. The first thing to consider is if you are eligible to move there. Every country has specific requirements on who they allow to become residents, and England is no different. Without that approval, you will be considered a visitor and will be unable to hold a paying job or be able to receive anything from public funds, such as welfare.

Compared to the United States, England's free health care for all is very appealing. England also has a better public transportation infrastructure

in place. Those that work in England also receive more vacation time per year and other mandated benefits. For example, paid maternity leave lasts almost a whole year for employees in England. The weather is more temperate in England and it is hardly ever affected by tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. Some would even argue that England, with shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, has better television.

The United States does have some benefits over England. The standard of living in the United States is slightly better. Although health care can be expensive in the United States, it is said to provide better care than England's. It is easier to change your social class in the United States, as there are opportunities for anyone to go from rags to riches. The United States has a greater presence of convenience stories and more variety available than England, including stores that are open all the time. The United States also has deserts, mountains, forests and prairies for those that that feel at home in a certain climate. There is also more privacy in the United States since CCTVs are not plastered everywhere like they are in England. The latest technology is more readily available in the United States and the release dates for things like movies and video games are earlier in the United States than England.

There is more to think about moving to England besides whether or not if you will miss your friends and family. Please answer the questions below to see if you should move to England or not.

How would you support yourself if you lived in England?
Can you afford the cost of living in England?
How much would you miss your friends and family if you were living in England?
How much would you miss your current lifestyle if you moved to England?
Do you understand British humor?
How much culture shock would you experience if you move to England?
Have you ever visited or lived in England before?
What's more important to you in getting health care?
How do you prefer to get around town?
Do you ever like to take leisurely drives?
How interested are you in exploring Europe?
What is your favorite kind of year-round weather?
How do you feel about rain?
Who produces better television shows?
Do you like having access to the latest gadgets and entertainment before anyone else?
How much do you like eating junk food?
In your opinion, which country has better restaurants and food options?
Do you like have lots of things to choose from when you shop?
How often do you use convenience stores?
How do you feel about people who wear pajamas in public?
How do you feel about the presence of cameras constantly recording you in public?
What is football?
How do you feel about guns?
Do you like to garden?
Do you like to drink tea or lager?
How do you feel about getting approval from your neighbors or local building society before you make major changes to you home?
How would you feel if you were never able to move up to a different level of social class?
Is there a political party in England that you can identify with?
What kind of educational experience do you want for yourself or your family?