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Should I retire abroad?

While some seniors may want to retire within the country to be near their families or in an area where they just feel comfortable, it may actually be more economical to retire abroad. Retiring abroad can save you a lot of money, may allow you to be able to visit your family even more often, and will offer you a unique experience that will have you feeling right at home in no time. And for individuals with no familial ties, you’ll have a ton of freedom to explore. By retiring abroad, you can enjoy the joys of retirement and the joy of traveling at the same time and save a ton doing it.

Retiring outside the US can see you plenty

of saving provided you choose the right location. By living in areas where the cost of living is much cheaper and health care cost and quality is better, you’ll have the ability to actually enjoy your retirement. And if you are someone who likes to travel, you’ll be a lot closer to your destinations provided you choose a place close to your main interests. The top 3 places to retire abroad include Algarve in Portugal, Languedoc in France and Cayo in Belize.

Algarve, Portugal turns out to be a terrific place to retire due to its ideal weather, but for its inexpensive real estate. The cost of living in Algarve can easily hover around the $1,500 range. Retirees will also receive tax breaks when importing possessions, as well as other opportunities for tax breaks. In Languedoc, France Americans can be sure they won’t be subject to any more taxation. If retiring to a wine country is your dream, you can get a one-bedroom apartment for less than $700. For those desiring a more tropical climate, Cayo, Belize offers a remote location for peace and quiet. If you are thinking of retiring abroad, but aren’t sure if you should, answer these questions to help you decide.

Do you need to be near family?
Is the cost of living a concern for you during your retirement?
Do you have known health concerns?
Are you willing to learn another language other than English?
Do you like to explore new sights?
Do you feel safe in unfamiliar environments?
Do you want to keep you Medicare plan?
Will you have at least $1,000 in income?