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Should I Send My Child to Private School?

Many parents consider sending their children to private schools for them to receive better educations. But is private school really a better alternative to the public school system? The answer to that question will depend on your child's specific needs as well as your financial status, among many other things. Private school definitely affords children and adolescents some perks that the public school system does not, but there are limitations as well.

If you can afford private school, or if you are able to receive funding through loans and scholarships, this setting can offer some truly unique benefits. The curriculum in

private schools is less constrained than it is in the public school system, meaning your child will often have academic options that would not otherwise be available. This can add a larger dimension to education overall. Private schools also have smaller classrooms, where children with more particular needs may receive more specialized attention. Many colleges look favorably at applicants who attended private school, and this may allow for a competitive edge. Additionally, many private schools have religious foundations, so this aspect may sway you if you want your child to experience a faith-based education.

However, there are drawbacks to private school as well. The cost can be prohibitive for many parents, even with the help of loans or scholarships. This is probably the primary deterrent for many parents who are considering private school. Furthermore, private schools may offer more specialized educational programs, but they are lacking in cultural and social diversity. The primary attendants of private schools tend to be wealthy and white, which can seem like a stumbling block for parents who want more scope in the educations of their children. Lastly, while some children with disabilities, disciplinary issues or other special needs might benefit from the more tailored curriculum of private schools, those children who have issues socializing might be better off in the public school system, where there are simply more children to help guide and shape them.

Are you on the fence about whether to choose private school or the public school system for your child? Take the quiz below to get a better idea of your child's needs as a student!

Does your child want to go to private school?
Do you have the funds to pay for private school comfortably?
Does your child have a high aptitude that would make earning a scholarship a possibility?
Does the public school system in your area have a good reputation?
Do you want your child to have a religious education?
Do you value racial and cultural diversity in your child's education?
Do you believe your child could benefit from a competitive edge for college?
Does your child have disciplinary issues?
Does your child struggle with any mental disabilities or illnesses, or have special needs?
Is your child a natural at socialization, or does s/he need help in that department?