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Should I sign up for an Internet and phone bundle?

Most people spend a good chunk of money each month on Internet and cellular phone services, so why not save money with Internet and phone bundles? These bundled plans combine the costs of these services into a consolidated, less-expensive monthly rate. Internet speeds of these bundled packages are comparable to other popular options such as cable or DSL connections. Also, owning a cell phone is virtually a given in today's wireless culture.

Here's how Internet and phone bundles work. Rather than tap into a regular broadband connection, you're given a router that connects you to a wireless 3G or 4G network, depending on your service plan.

Most new Internet and phone bundles use 4G service, which is faster and more compatible with newer cell phones. Once your router is installed, you can surf the Web and use online services from any of your electronics devices.

Your home connection also acts as a wi-fi hotspot for your cell phone. Using your hotspot, you can watch videos, play online games, download music and more, all without racking up more expensive cellular network charges. People who use their cellular Internet while connected to their local wi-fi networks can perform vast, numerous tasks without coming close to hitting their monthly usage limits. It's only when people use their phones without a wi-fi network that Internet usage tends to become problematic.

Internet and phone bundles can save people lots of money while still providing high-quality services. Take our survey to learn more about whether this kind of service package is best for you. People who already have separate phone and Internet services may be better off negotiating better rates with their companies. However, depending on where you live and which promotional offers are available at the time, you may still save money by signing up with phone and Internet bundle plans. Contact your local service providers to learn more about bundled plan rates in your area.

Do you already have cellular phone and Internet services?
Are your phone and Internet services provided by the same provider?
Can you get an Internet and phone bundle for less money than you're paying now?
Would you be interested in phone and Internet bundles that also included TV services?
Do you demand having the fastest available home Internet speed?
Are you locked into a long-term cellular contract that you can't get out of without hefty penalties?
Does your cell phone use 3G or 4G wireless?