What if you could send your most outrageous selfies from your phone, knowing they'd be gone within 10 seconds? With Snapchat, that's what many young people are doing, often crossing the lines of sexting and oversharing. But what if your racy selfie doesn't disappear? How careful should you be when sending self-portraits through Snapchat?

Let's face it -- Snapchat is the ultimate sexting app. The premise of exchanging photos that nobody else will see fits perfectly. However, new third-party apps allow anything sent through Snapchat to be screen-captured. That means your sexy selfie in front of the bathroom mirror is potentially just as private as your Facebook profile picture.

So, imagine you've just taken a hilarious or revealing selfie, and you've got your thumb over that big, alluring send button. Should you do it? Take our quiz for guidance on whether your selfie is best shared online or in person. The last thing you want is to damage your social life over a moment that can't be taken back.