Yard signs (also called lawn signs) are typically used to advertise an event, a business or a campaign. They are perhaps most commonly associated with political campaigns during election seasons. Supporters of certain candidates will use yard signs to advertise their advocacy. As long as you don't live in close proximity to a polling area, you may feel free to use yard signs as a way of generating political support and awareness, whether you are the one running or you are supporting a candidate.

There are other creative ways of using yard signs. If you run a small business such as a restaurant or coffee shop, strategically placed yard signs can help drive business and generate traffic to your establishment. You can also use signs to promote daily specials or new offerings. If you're involved in the real estate business, yard signs can be a boon for business, especially when you run open houses when attempting to sell your properties. You community may be having an event such as a regional bake sale or farmer's market, and yard signs are a terrific way of spreading the word.

If you are interested in any kind of promotional advertising, chances are you will find yard signs to be quite useful in your venture. Take the quiz below to find out if yard signs are the way to go!