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Should I ask her out?

Although girls can ask guys out, some girls still prefer the old-fashioned approach of getting asked out. Deciding whether or not to ask a girl out can be a pretty nerve-wracking decision, especially if you feel you are crushing hard. If she's beautiful, funny and smart, it can be very intimidating to ask her out. If you are lucky, she might say yes, but if she doesn't, then you have to deal with the rejection. But if you never ask decide to ask her out, then you might never know what could have been.

The most common strategy used in deciding whether or not to ask a girl out is to determine how likely it is that she will say

yes. If she is very friendly and flirtatious towards you, that is a good sign. If you already have similar hobbies or hang out, you have common ground. If you've never had a conversation with her and have only admired her from afar, you might want to start talking to her first before deciding whether or not it is worth it to work up the courage to ask her out.

Please answer the questions below to see if you should ask her out.

How well do you know her?
Is she single?
Is she amazing?
Do you know if she likes you back?
Does she know you're alive?
Does she ever flirt with you or find an excuse to touch you?
Will anything bad happen if she's not interested?