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Should I ask him out?

Traditionally, it was the gentleman's responsibility to ask the lady out. Times have changed and now it's very common for the girl to ask the guy out. Now the question remains on whether you should or shouldn't ask him out.

It is first important to determine if the guy you are interested in is right for you. Once you have figured that out, you can then determine if you should ask him out or not. Not all men appreciate a forward woman, but many are very flattered to be in the presence of a girl that will take charge and go after what she wants.

The more you know about the guy you want to ask out, the better. It's important

to know if he has a good reputation or not. Whether you are looking to casually date or to start a serious relationship, it helps to know if he is looking for the same thing.

You should also consider what would happen if he was not interested in dating you. If there's the possibility that it could ruin your friendship or make school or work awkward, you might want to wait until you are very sure that he likes you back.

Please answer the questions below to help decide if you should ask him out.

How well do you know him?
Is he single?
Is he looking for the same thing you are?
Does he flirt with you?
Does he pay attention to you when you are talking?
What is the worst thing that could happen if he's not interested?
Are you happy with yourself in general?