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Should I audition?

From auditioning for a community theater project to reality TV shows like American Idol, The Bachelor and Wife Swap, it is not hard to find casting calls in your area. Whether you are thinking about auditioning for an acting role, a band gig or any other type of audition, you may wonder if it is worth it.

You might have a number of good reasons why you're not 100% sure you should audition. There might be potential scheduling conflicts where you are not sure if you will have the time and energy to put into the role. You may wonder if you have the experience, talent, look or some other factor required to get the part. You might

not be completely comfortable with what you might have to do if you get the part, which can be anything from live nude scenes to singing in front of a worldwide audience. If the role or part comes with fame, it may affect your personal life. For example, dramatic exploits on a reality TV show can affect your ability to get or maintain a day job.

Another important consideration is to make sure that the audition is for a real part to avoid being scammed or put in a dangerous situation. Some auditions are not actually real and are designed to take advantage of gullible people who are interested in fame and wealth.

There are many things you can consider when deciding whether or not you should audition. Please answer the questions below to see if you should audition.

Do you have the experience that the role or part is looking for?
Do you have the talent that the role or part is looking for?
How passionate are you about the role or part you are auditioning for?
Do you think you are what the producers are looking for?
Do you feel you are a good fit for the role or part?
Do you have loved ones pressuring you to audition?
Can you bring something unique to the audition that will set you apart from your competition?
Do you think you will get along with the other people who are part of the project you are auditioning for?
Will it help your career if you get the part?
Do you have time to rehearse for the audition and memorize any lines or dances if necessary?
Do you have the time to be a part of the project you are auditioning for?
Do you have to travel extensively in order to audition?
How embarrassed would you be if people found out you were auditioning?
Will the role or part require you to do anything that you are very uncomfortable with?
Will the role or part affect your privacy or personal life?
Have you done your research to make sure that the audition is legitimate and not a scam?