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Should I become a teacher?

Becoming a teacher is a noble choice. Helping the youth of our world to learn what it takes to make a better tomorrow it very important.

However, this career choice is not for everyone. If you seek a career that makes a lot of money, teaching is probably not for you. Teachers choose this line of work, because they are passionate about spreading their knowledge to others. Benefits of teaching also include generous holidays, stable pay, health benefits, and a work schedule that does not require travel. You will have a good portion of the summer off, and this benefit is even more amazing if you have children. You may never make an immense

amount of money, but you can count on a paycheck and it will steadily go up. The more educated you are, the more money you will make, so continuing your schooling is a great choice. If you love kids, enjoy summers off and are okay with never making a six-figure salary, teaching could be the perfect career for you!

Can you survive on a 30-40K salary?
Do you enjoy learning and spreading your knowledge?
Are you okay with slow career progression?
Do you like being around kids and teenagers?