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Should I buy a case for my iphone?

iPhones are popular smartphones. By themselves, they are stylish and somewhat sturdy, but cases can have many benefits. Cases can add a certain fashionable flair that allows you to express yourself. Cases can come in all kinds of styles, from solid colors to pictures of popular characters and celebrities, like Hello Kitty and Justin Bieber. In addition to being a place to express your personality, cases can add a rugged element to your iPhone. This can come in handy for someone who is extremely clumsy, as cases can provide an extra protective layer that can save your screen from dust, dents and scratches. Some cases are even designed

to prevent water damage. Other cases may come with a belt clip, holster or wallet to make it easier to always have your iPhone handy.

Although there are a lot of benefits to having an iPhone case, they might not be for everyone. Getting a stylish iPhone case can be expensive. You should be able to purchase a plain iPhone case for under $20, but if you want better materials like leather or Swarovski crystals, expect to budget several times that amount. Cases that protect your phone from being dropped and getting damaged by water are also more expensive. If you have insurance for your iPhone, protecting your phone from wear and tear might not be a big priority. Cases can make your iPhone more bulky and heavy and can make using it harder to do. Some cases can even interfere with the quality of sound.

How much can you budget for a case?
Are you a very stylish person?
How clumsy are you?
Do you have good insurance for your iPhone?
What are the chances that your iPhone will come in contact with water?
Do you think your iPhone is heavy or bulky?
Do you like the idea of being able to clip your iPhone to your belt or your wallet?