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Should I date my best friend?

It is wise to carefully contemplate whether or not you should decide to enter into a relationship with your best friend. Potential risks and rewards are many in this scenario. How many of us have heard the age old saying that one should marry their best friend? If you choose to date your best friend you will be entering into a relationship already established. You have companionship with this person, and when you add romance this could be the perfect equation. However, until one embarks upon the journey of a romantic relationship, you don't know where this course will take you.

Deciding to date your best friend involves the inevitable

risk. If this relationship turns sour you just might lose your best friend. Though you may feel that you have all of the ingredients to create the perfect relationship romance is complicated. You may find that this individual has qualities that you enjoy as a friend, but cannot appreciate as a lover. These are all factors that you may not be able to adequately assess before you set out on this journey. Therefore, you must weigh the pros and cons and decide if the potential for an amazing relationship is worth the possible loss of an already established friendship.

Are you attracted to your best friend?
Are you willing to possibly lose your relationship with your best friend should this not work out?
Do you and your best friend have the same goals and plans in life?
Are you ok with the possibility of losing friends or family members associated with your best friend should this relationship fail?
Do friends and family member think this is a good idea?
Do you are your best friend have the same hobbies?
Do you and your best friend have the same spiritual belief system?
Do your parents like your best friend?
Are you able to solve conflicts with your best friend in a civil manner?