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Should I get a body piercing?

Body piercings are a way to express oneself. They can be considered trendy or hip, but they are not a temporary fixture. If you later remove the piercing, a hole or scar may remain. It is very important to make sure that a body piercing is something you will not get tired of having before you get pierced.

Body piercings also take maintenance, such as cleaning the piercing several times a day or as directed so that the piercing does not become infected, which is why taking care of a piercing while on a vacation would be a hard thing to do. Keeping the piercing clean is vital for making sure the piercing does not get infected,

so it is important to make sure your schedule allows for this.

Certain things like taking baths or swimming in lakes or at the beach also need to be avoided while the piercing is fresh and going through the healing process. Other strenuous activities must also be avoided during this period as well. For example, a person who gets a belly ring piercing should not be doing sit-ups or other torso twisting exercises right away to ensure that the hole does not tear. It is also important to not wear clothes that the piercing could potentially get snagged on and cause more tearing.

It is also important to determine if the piercing will be in a highly visible area or somewhere on the body that will change over time. If the piercing is in a highly visible area, it may affect your chance of getting certain jobs or be a violation of the dress code at a current job. If the piercing is in an area where the skin can sag or change, getting a body piercing will require more thought. For example, a perfect belly ring piercing might be ruined by weight gain or getting pregnant.

It is important to find a person or body art studio that properly sanitizes their equipment to reduce the chance of infection. There is no point in not going to a professional, because you would increase your risk of infection if you were pierced under unsanitary conditions. If your piercing becomes infected, there is a chance you may have to take the piercing out, and you might need to get re-pierced later on.

How long have you thought about getting a body piercing?
Will you be able to wash your piercing several times a day or as directed?
Are you willing to refrain from strenuous activity while the piercing heals?
Are you able to give up taking baths and swimming in lakes or beaches while your piercing heals?
Will the location of your piercing make getting or keeping a job difficult?
Will the location of your piercing be negatively affected by a little weight gain or aging?
Have you done the research on any possible medical complications that can occur from getting your desired area pierced?
Do you have access to a place that properly sterilizes their piercing equipment?
What would you do if you suspected your piercing was infected?
Do you feel pressured to get a piercing?