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Should I have a garden?

Gardening can be a fun hobby. Whether you are thinking about growing flowers or vegetables, it can be a very rewarding experience to plant seeds or seedlings and watch them grow as the months go by.

Location is an important factor to consider, even if you are extremely enthusiastic about starting a garden. If you are thinking about an outdoor garden, you must ensure that the soil has enough nutrients for supporting plant life and it is not heavily dried and cracked, as the roots of your plants will not be able to spread out to find water if that is the case. Sunlight is also an important factor as plants will need to be in a

good location to receive it. Those who live in areas where the winters are harsh will be limited to only being able to choose hardy plants that can survive snow and freezing conditions.

Location is also important for those with an indoor or container garden, as not all windows receive direct sunlight. Fortunately, special lamps for gardening can be purchased to compensate for the lack of real sunlight. Indoor gardens also require special consideration for those with pets or small children as they might be tempted to nibble on a plant which might be toxic if eaten.

Gardens require daily upkeep to keep the plants healthy and happy. If you are considering growing a garden for food, a large amount of patience is required on your part. Please answer the questions to below to see if growing a garden is a good fit for you.

Are you okay with touching dirt?
Can you make sure your plants will always get adequate water, sunlight and nutrients?
Do you often travel away from the home?
Do you have the patience to wait at least a couple of months before your plants will bloom?
Do you have enough space for a garden?
Are you willing to spend time handling watering, weeding, pest control and fertilizing tasks each day?
Have you done your research on what plants thrive in your area and what their requirements are?
What would you do if your plants were not growing well?