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Should I start a blog?

It seems these days that everyone has a blog. The purpose of these blogs are very varied. Some blogs are used like an online journal, where a person writes about all the details of their lives, no matter how minute. Some blogs are less personal and more informative, like a blog that features unique cooking recipes. Corporations are even hopping on the bandwagon, using blogs as a way to communicate information about new product lines, special offers and changes in policy. Companies occasionally hire bloggers to manage their blogs, so it is even possible to turn a blogging hobby into a professional career.

It also takes effort to

attract readers. The bloggers that are now popular have a large readership due to the work they put into it at the beginning. Besides submitting their blogs to directories for more exposure, some promote their blog through their social network sites like Facebook or Twitter. Others write free guest posts for larger blogs to build a following. Another way to attract readers is by participating in online forums. If these are not your areas of expertise, don't fret. It can be quite affordable to hire marketers and SEO experts to attract readers so you can focus on creating content.

The days of "if you build it, they will come" are no longer here. It takes an effective marketing strategy to attract readers and very engaging content to keep them.

Do you give up easily?
Do you already have a large online presence?
Do you have a solid plan on how you will attract readers?
Do you have a topic to uniquely and passionately write about?
Are you computer-savvy enough to search the internet, write email and use Facebook?
Are you a good writer?
What are the odds that you would run out of things to post about in your blog?
If you had a blog, how often would you plan on posting new content?
Will it bother you if your blog posts are still online 10 years from now?