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Should I use PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most commonly used ways to purchase things online. PayPal was established in 1998 and since then has allowed users to link their accounts with bank accounts and credit cards. Many people enjoy using PayPal like a virtual wallet for online purchases. PayPal is an almost instant way to send and receive money and can even be used from a mobile phone. PayPal is also the most widely accepted way to pay for things on eBay. Plus, all transactions come with a buyer protection guarantee to ensure that you only pay for items that you actually receive.

Although PayPal is very popular, widely used and widely accepted,

it does have some drawbacks that a person should consider before signing up. Many of PayPal's customer support is automated and it can be hard to talk to a real human who has the authority to help with specific issues like identity theft. If a person has a certain number of transactions per year, PayPal automatically reports this information to the IRS. The biggest trade-off for going with a company like PayPal is the amount of fees, as PayPal takes a certain percentage of the transaction for sellers receiving payment. This small percentage can be pretty significant when compared to competitors like Dwolla, who only charge 25 cents to receive a payment, no matter how large the payment.?

PayPal is a great resource for sending and receiving money online, but based on a person's individual needs, it is possible that there may be a better alternative.

How important is it to have good customer service in choosing a company?
How much does it affect you if you are charged a small percentage fee for receiving money?
How often do you shop or sell things on eBay?
Do you need an easy way to accept credit card payments without requiring friends, family or clients to sign up for an account?
How important is it to be able to have your payment refunded if you never receive your purchase?
How important is it to use a company that is very popular and widely used?
How important is it to be able to send and receive money in a currency that is different from your location?