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Should I Install a Solar Panel System?

Home solar panel systems have become affordable with many deals available in stores and online. Solar panels can lead to a drastic reduction of electricity-related expenses over time, more than covering the cost of installation. With new manufacturing techniques and cheaper materials, the cost of the panels themselves continues to fall, so finding deals on the best solar panels should not be difficult. In fact, the biggest expense of solar electric panels is the cost of installation. For people who just want to recharge electronics or small appliances, portable solar panels offer affordable solutions without costly installation

fees. The top 3 solar panel installation systems we've found are: Grape Solar 309W of Eugene, Oregon, Canadian Solar CS6X-305M of Canada, and the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB system. We're looking at ease of use, price and installation in our recommendations, but you should visit their sites and decide yourself.

For the best deals in solar panels, compare and contrast the materials, length of use, installation and related costs. Many elect to install the panel themselves, and skip the markups that installers and contractors charge. With this in mind, many manufacturers sell full kits, with instructions, to the do-it-yourselfers. Before attempting a project of this size, building codes need to be consulted and any needed permits need to be applied for. You also need to consider many other things before you're ready to start: Where do you get the most direct sunlight, panel placement, angle, proper tools and if you want them on the ground or on the roof.

Solar panels can help people save money in more ways than one. Many local electric companies buy back electricity from homeowners who place solar panels on their roofs. Also, tax credits may be available to help absorb the costs of installing solar panel systems. Although the panels must be maintained over time, the savings from natural electricity more than covers those costs. To help determine if you are ready for solar panels, take the quiz below.

Are you considering solar panels to save energy costs?
Are you concerned about the changing climate?
Are you planning to install solar panels yourself?
Do you live in a sunny climate that would maximize solar panel systems?
Are you planning a solar panel installation for a home or business?
Are you planning for any solar appliances?
Are you considering a solar water heating system?
Do you have excessive electricity usage?
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