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The Best Classic and High-Priced Christmas Gifts

With so many new gift ideas flooding the market each Christmas season, it can be tough to decide which ones to choose for friends and family. Sometimes it is simply best to go with the tried and true classic and high-tech gifts for loved ones on the list. There are many popular gifts that retain their classic and nostalgic value as well as those that receive timely upgrades just in time for the Christmas season. Many of these gift ideas can be used for both the kids and adults this year. At least, those who are on the nice list. The best classic and high-priced Christmas gifts include the Amazon Echo, the Oculus Rift, the Xbox One X, a special

LEGO set, and Hatchimals Surprise, all of which promise hours of fun.

Adults and kids who are into connected devices and Smart Home technology will be delighted to receive the Amazon Echo. Already on its second generation, this Smart Home gadget has a sleek, new look and improved performance. The new aux-out jack allows users to easily connect it with an existing audio set up. This smart speaker is voice-activated, with simple commands that start with “Alexa,” and can control most gadgets in the house through the sound of your voice. Another high-tech option is the latest in Virtual Reality, the Oculus Rift. With six free games and hand controllers included, gamers are sure to be thrilled. Gamers not interested in the VR scene will have hours of enjoyment with the Xbox One X 1TB Console. With the One X 1TB, gamers can take advantage of 4K gaming capabilities, with graphics that will blow their minds while immersing them right into their games’ worlds.

More classic toy items are also sure to delight this Christmas. The Hatchimals Surprise combines the best of both high-tech and classic toys, with a device that "hatches" a special animal that interacts with its chosen human. The latest version of Hatchimals includes not one animal, but twins! Gift givers who want to go full nostalgia can opt for the LEGO Classic Creative Building Set. Appropriate for ages 4 to 99, this classic set has 583 pieces in the traditional and newly designed colors, as well as special pieces, such as windows, eyes, and wheels. Take this quiz to see whether a high-tech or classic gift is better for your needs.

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