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Top 3 Pet Insurance Companies

Pet insurance protects pets from a variety of health issues from fleas and ticks to expensive surgeries. Just like healthcare for people, the costs add up quickly when getting medical care for your pet -- the costs of scans, medications, urine tests and blood work can add up in a hurry. The leading pet insurance companies offer generous safety nets to help ensure your ability to care for your animal companion. Want to find the top thee pet insurance companies? Fortunately, we've evaluated the leading companies to bring your our top three -- they are Healthy Paws, Petplan and ASPCA. Read on to learn which companies provide comprehensive insurance

for the furry friends we love.

Positive reviews matter when comparing pet insurance companies, and that's a big reason why Healthy Paws is at the top of our list. This pet insurance company was rated as the best in America by Angie's List, Yelp, ConsumersAdvocate and others. Healthy Paws offers competitive insurance rates with paperless mobile claims and unlimited coverage benefits. A Healthy Paws policy even covers alternative care, which is something not all pet insurance policies do. This company also works with animal rescue organizations to provide medical care to dogs and cats that might hopefully be adopted. If your furry companion has four paws -- or even if it's lost a paw or two along the way -- it can get comprehensive coverage with one Healthy Paws insurance plan.

Petplan is next on our list, and this company is notable for allowing customers to customize their pets' insurance plans from the ground up. The company also offers fixed policies for dogs and cats that are very comprehensive. Last on our list is ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Not only does this organization offer good insurance plans, but you can request quotes online by filling out a short electronic form. Our pets provide us with unconditional love and affection. They might not bring home paychecks, but they undoubtedly enrich our lives. Give them the best care possible without breaking the bank. Pets need pet insurance. Take our quiz to see which of the top three pet insurance policies might be best for your companion.

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