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What are the Top 3 Ways to Score a Free iPhone 7?

Now may be the ideal time to turn in an old Apple or Android device and score a free iPhone 7. Priced at $649, the iPhone 7 is an expensive upgrade, especially for those who just bought a new iPhone 6 or one of the popular Android phones on the market. However, there are many deals offered right now on the new iPhone 7, allowing customers to potentially get phones for free. The new features of the iPhone 7 may make it worth the effort. The Apple iPhone 7 comes in two screen sizes, allowing it to compete with the latest Androids. The latest iPhone has an improved camera with a dual zoom lens and is water resistant. Users can also choose

from a range of attractive colors. 

Fortunately, shoppers can trade in their current cell phones in order to score big with the new iPhone 7 through a variety of promotions. Customers can take advantage of different levels of credits when trading in Androids or Apple products. For example, Androids are worth $100 to $300 trade-in value, while iPhone 5 and 6 models get up to $650. These credits are paid out over two years, resulting in a new iPhone 7 for many customers. However, customers will need to stay loyal to their carriers to get the most out of these promotions. Shoppers can anticipate that it will cost between $30 and $40 a month for a contract with a new iPhone 7.

Shoppers need to carefully research the different promotions being offered for the new iPhone 7. It can be quite complicated for users to figure out whether or not they should switch phone carriers to take advantage of free iPhone promotions. Pricing can vary greatly between carriers, depending on whether or the phone is leased, bought up front, or paid for through a contract. Customers also need to figure out whether or not the plans they would choose with different phone carriers would fit their needs. The top three ways to score a free iPhone 7 is to follow up on Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile deals. Take this quiz to see the best way for you to score a free iPhone 7. 

Do you have an iPhone 6 or 6S or newer Android?
Do you have good credit history?
Are you willing to trade in your current phone for an iPhone 7?
Are you loyal to a specific cell carrier?
Which cell phone carrier do you most prefer?
Are you willing to commit to a new two-year contract for a free iPhone 7?
Are you currently committed to a two-year contract with a cell phone company?
Are you willing to pay any associated fees to get out of the current contract?