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Should I Use One of the Five Top Inhalers for COPD Treatment?

The five top inhalers for COPD Treatment in 2016 quickly and effectively provide treatment for patients with this condition. Known officially as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD is a disease of the lungs that makes it difficult for patients to breathe. This condition is generally caused by smoking for several years or from other damage to the lungs. While COPD gets worse with time and the lung damage cannot be undone, patients can use powerful inhalers to help prevent additional damage and manage symptoms. The symptoms of COPD are chronic cough, shortness of breath, and mucus from the lungs. 

Most medication that

treats patients with COPD are inhalers, as they target the lungs with minimal side effects to the rest of the body. The purpose of inhalers to treat COPD are to reduce shortness of breath, control wheezing and coughing, and to prevent exacerbations. A COPD exacerbation is a flare up that can range from mild to life-threatening, and frequency of exacerbations can increase over time. COPD inhalers can contain single medications or combinations of different medications, depending on the specific needs of patients. 

COPD inhalers can perform different purposes. A bronchodilator helps increase air flow to the lung by opening up airways. Bronchodilators can be short-acting to open airways as wide as possible, or long-acting, lasting for up to 12 hours at a time. Corticosteroid inhalers reduce inflammation, and are often used during flare-ups and with more severe COPD. Inhalers can also be combinations of bronchodilators or contain a corticosteroid and a bronchodilator. The five top inhalers for COPD Treatment in 2016 include Advair, Pulmicort, Spiriva, Proventil, and Brovana. Take this quiz to figure out if one of these inhalers may be right for your COPD treatment. 

Have you been diagnosed with COPD by a physician?
In which stage is your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
Are you a smoker?
Do you exercise regularly and eat healthy foods?
How often do you experience COPD exacerbation (flare ups)?
Are you currently experiencing a COPD flare-up?
Have you had good experiences with bronchodilators and corticosteroids?
Does your physician recommend short-acting or long-acting inhalers?