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Top Flea Protection Options for Pets

Are fleas causing problems for your pets? If so, you're probably searching for the most effective flea control options. Even the smallest flea problem can't be taken lightly. Fleas can lay countless eggs in very little time, and fleas and their eggs are incredibly difficult to kill as they can lay dormant for months. Fortunately, you and your pets don't have to suffer needlessly. Flea collars, flea drops, powders and professional extermination services can help prevent and put an end to flea infestations, whether the fleas are on your pet or they've spread to your home. Read on to learn about the top flea protection options for pets.


collars and drops are good starting points for controlling fleas on your pets. Flea drops are applied on the back of the neck, and they absorb into the fatty layer of your pet's skin to kill and repel fleas. Flea collars also repel fleas, but they're most effective in the head and neck area where the collar is worn. Also, flea collars are for short-term use, whereas flea drops are good for longer periods with less risk to your pet. Both of these are great options for prevent fleas on your dog or cat during walks, camping trips or other temporary outings.

Is your pet already infested with fleas? Then you might want to try a flea shampoo designed to eradicate fleas and their eggs. You can also use flea powders to kill eggs that might be rooted in your pet's bedding or favorite sitting spots. That said, it's common for fleas to jump from pets and take root in the carpets, furniture and fabric of your home -- and when that happens, it may be time to contact an exterminator. Orkin and Terminix both offer flea control services, as do numerous local flea control companies. Trying to determine which of these top-rated flea treatments is best for your pet? Take our quiz to learn more.

Does your pet currently have fleas?
Do you want a flea control treatment for temporary use?
Is your pet regularly outdoors for long periods during the daytime?
Does your pet have fleas that only appear to be on your pet?
Has your home recently been infested with fleas?
Is your home infested with fleas right now?
Do you see fleas where your pet usually sits or sleeps?
Does your pet have any known allergies?