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Which Top-Rated SUV would best fit my needs?

If you're on the market for a top-rated SUV, then now is a great time to buy. Across each category of sport utility vehicles -- whether you're looking for the best crossovers, the most fuel-efficient SUVs or the top luxury SUVs -- you'll find various models on sale for a wide range of prices. The top rated SUVs like the Subaru Crosstrek for the people who actually want some off roading, the Toyota Highlander for the comfort of the family and long trips without breaking the gas budget, and one of the most popular SUVs the Honda CR-V that offers the great reliability that Honda is known for along with a great resale value

(dealers have been known to call and offer to buy back older models they have sold because of demand). These top-rated SUVs can be found on multiple lists, while other SUVs are designed to fulfill more specific roles, like the Cadillac and it's mission to make everyone jealous.

What are you looking for in a new SUV? Many auto buyers in search of the top rated SUVs desire power and ruggedness, while other shoppers want versatile vehicles with more passenger space and cargo room. Fuel efficiency is important given the volatility of gas prices in recent years. For people with larger budgets, top-rated luxury SUVs are some of the most stylish, comfortable vehicles on the automotive market. Identifying your top priorities as a consumer and motorist can help you single out the best top-rated SUV for your needs.

While some top-rated SUVs are more affordable than others, sport utility vehicles generally aren't cheap. Before heading to the dealerships, spend some time reading online reviews for any SUVs you're interested in buying. Even if you don't agree with SUV reviews, they can help you understand what to look for when test driving different vehicles. Domestic sales of SUVs are soaring, making this a great time to get behind the wheel. Just be sure to do your due diligence before signing any dotted lines.

What is your price range for a new SUV?
Are you looking for a family car or a smaller SUV?
Do you want a hybrid SUV?
Is buying the most fuel-efficient SUV important to you?
How do you plan on using your SUV?
Do you prefer interior comfort or power and handling?
How important is cargo room?
Do you prefer vehicles from American auto manufacturers?
What kind of interior features do you want?
How seriously do you consider safety features on a vehicle?
Is exterior styling important to you?