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Which Top-Rated Pickup Truck Should I Buy?

If you're looking for a great new pickup, the top three new pickups for 2015 might have just what you need. The top pickups feature good MPG, a choice of cabs, truck beds and select interiors,  as well as plenty of towing power and even extra passenger seating to fit the whole family. You'll also find a wide array of pricing options available to fit almost any budget, with different trim levels and engine options to chose from. With 2016 just around the corner, dealerships are offering great deals and incentives to move 2015 inventory off the lots, so now is a great time to get a brand new pickup at rock-bottom prices! 


Chevrolet Colorado is all-new, redesigned and leading its class in towing and fuel economy, with great standard safety features. The compact 2015 Chevy Colorado is excellent for towing a trailer, packing your gear and hitting the road! For those who need a little more size, Toyota's mid-size truck, the 2015 Tacoma, is sleek but strong and falls right in line with Toyota's history of dependability. Need a full-size truck to get the job done? The 2015 Ford F-150 does not disappoint! The F-150 is versatile enough to handle hard work and adventures off the beaten path, while also fitting right in as a great family vehicle. All three of the top 2015 pickup trucks have tons of great features to choose from, as well. The trick is finding the truck that's just right for you!

Choosing the right truck for your needs will depend on several factors, including budget, lifestyle and what you plan to use your new truck for. For the weekend warrior, a compact truck may suit your needs perfectly, while those who depend on their truck for hauling or towing may be better off with a full-sized pickup. Take some time to decide which features you need and want in your truck, as well, since all of the top three pickups come with a variety of packages and trims to suit just about any lifestyle and budget. Once you've pinpointed your must-haves, head to the dealer for a test drive before making your final decision and locking in the best deal possible! 

Still not sure which truck to choose? Take our quiz below to find out which of the top three pickups might be best for you! 

Will your truck be for business or for personal use?
Do you work in construction?
Are you planing to haul a lot of heavy loads?
Will this be a family vehicle?
Will you be towing a trailer or another vehicle regularly?
Will be using your pickup off road?
Will you be traveling long distances in your pickup?
Is this a daily driver or a weekend vehicle?