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Top Roadside Assistance Options

Stop stressing out over car trouble! With the best roadside assistance options, you’ll never stay stuck on the side of the road again, struggling to get help. Roadside assistance services can provide you with on-call services such as jump starting, towing, tire changing, and locksmithing. Providing you with the best services at a reduced rate, you’ll save a ton of money by being prepared. With a ton of roadside assistance options available, you can find a membership plan that works best for you. The top services available include Allstate Motor Club, AAA, and AARP Roadside Assistance.

Allstate is one of the most popular insurance

companies in the country. The Allstate Motor Club offers affordable plans with a long list of available services that will really leave you in good hands. Offering 24/7 roadside assistance, help is available any time of day. Member will be reimbursed $100 for towing and locksmithing services. With the Platinum Elite membership, you’ll get a more comprehensive experience that includes the basic roadside assistance benefits plus other services like road hazard benefits, concierge services and a vehicle history report. Towing assistance is provided up to $250 versus $100 for the basic plan.

AAA and AARP Roadside Assistance are two other excellent options for drivers. Both offer up to 5 miles of towing assistance included with your membership, but you can get up to 200 miles maximum towing limits with AAA and up to 100 miles with the AARP. Get first-year AAA membership for just $50 plus an admission fee of $20. In addition to roadside services, you’ll also get exclusive discounts on shopping, entertainment, travel, dining and more. For seniors, the basic AARP Roadside Assistance plan costs just $58 or $74 for a premium membership. Get roadside assistance whenever you need it including lockout services and get a free AARP membership for a year.

Take this quiz to help you decide which is the best roadside assistance option for you.

Do you travel long distances often?
Do you own a current (at least 2015) or older vehicle model?
Are you interested in the lowest annual rate?
Do you frequently require locksmithing services?
Are you a senior?
Do you spend a lot of money dining, going to the movies and/or traveling?
Are you looking for a basic roadside assistance plan?
Can you change a tire?