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Top Three Hosting Companies for Small Business Websites

Hosting companies for small business websites can make a big difference for your botton line. A good hosting company offers the goods and services needed to offer a positive user experience -- and that's critical if you're to drive leads, offer resources and produce online sales. Reputable website hosting providers offer stable connections even during times of peak traffic, and server downtime is minimized to ensure your customers can find your business online. Plus, hosting companies for small businesses provide IT assistance, email hosting and other services that are vital for small businesses. The top three hosting companies for small business

websites include GoDaddy, HostGator and 1&1 Web Hosting. When comparing services, ask the following questions to get the best hosting solution for your small business website.

What is in the fine print?

Always read the fine print when choosing a web hosting solution for your small business. Web hosting companies often offer cheap rates to new customers, but these expire after a certain amount of time. While these packages are nice, you need to compare the ongoing costs for your business.

Does this hosting company offer dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses for which online services are vital. For example, an e-commerce company might want a dedicated web server; so might a small business with a national or international client base. If you run a small shop or restaurant and your website is mainly for local advertising, then you probably don't need this additional service.

What is this hosting company's rate?

How much should you be paying each month for hosting? Don't overpay for services. Basic web hosting usually costs around $10 per month, but dedicated servers may be upwards of $100 per month. Always ask for specific, non-introductory rates.

What benefits can I get from this hosting company?

Do you want branded email addresses? Do you need cloud storage space? Do you need data transfer or backup services? Hosting companies can offer these services to your small business.

Should my small business use a shared server?

Shared servers are affordable and common. They're home to multiple websites, but these servers are still stable and secure when maintained by reputable web hosting companies such as GoDaddy and HostGator.

Should my business have a virtual server?

Virtual servers are a good middle ground between shared and private servers. If your business is based on a smaller e-commerce operation, this might be a good choice.

Does this web hosting provider offer good customer service?

Small businesses need around-the-clock technical support to make sure their customers can find their websites. Always ask about the availability and response times of technical support specialists. You can also go online to read reviews of different web hosting companies. That said, each company in our top three offers around-the-clock customer service.

Do I need to pay extra for custom business email addresses?

Some business hosting plans include a certain number of free email accounts, but at a certain point you'll need to pay extra.