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Top Three Smoking Cessation Options

Trying to kick the habit? If you’re a smoker, you know how difficult it can be to quit. Going cold turkey usually sets you up for failure later on, so you’ll need a little more than a strong willpower before you can quit for good. Luckily, there are a ton of new smoking cessation options that are tremendously effective in helping individuals quit smoking. While there may be a few relapses from time to time, these products can help you satisfy your cravings and gradually ween you off cigarettes for a long time. By stopping smoking, your body can begin to repair and you can extend your life.

Nicorette gum is one of the most popular

smoking cessation options out there. Since it began, there weren’t many flavors to choose from, but now there are six newer flavors including cinnamon, mint, fruit chill and white ice mint. The newest flavor is spearmint burst which features a hint of chamomile, increasing its relaxing effects. It’s important to note that you don’t chew Nicorette gum just like any other gum, there’s a special way to do it, so you’ll need to follow the directions listed on the box. But if you don’t like chewing gum, Nicorette Lozenges are now available that you can just pop in your mouth. NicoDerm patches are another excellent product for quitting. It is applied to the skin and helps reduce your cravings. For some individuals smoking while wearing the patch can actually make them feel sick, which also helps sooth the urge to smoke. Its 24-hour extended release delivers nicotine throughout the day.

Other smoking cessation products contain no nicotine at all. One product called Chantix is only available by prescription and are usually only prescribed when over the counter nicotine products don’t work. They work by diminishing the pleasurable effects of nicotine to make smoking less desirable. While these medications come with side effects like nausea, gas and vomiting, the benefits of these medications are generally thought to outweigh the risks. If you are ready to quit smoking today, take this quiz to help you find the right smoking cessation option.

Have you tried over the counter products before?
Do you smoke often throughout the day?
Do you chew gum regularly?
Have you talked to your doctor about quitting?
Do you smoke when stressed?
Are you sensitive to side effects like nausea?
How would you describe your nicotine addiction?
Are you looking for a more discreet way to quit?