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Should I Earn My Degree Through University of Phoenix Online?

For years, University of Phoenix has offered a variety of online degree programs designed specifically for busy adults, allowing you to earn your degree on your own time. While the university was once online only, however, with no physical location for students who prefer to earn their degrees in a classroom setting, over the past few years, University of Phoenix has opened up several locations across the country, as well. Whether you choose to earn your degree entirely online or attend classes at one of the physical locations, you can have confidence that you're earning a degree that will help you fulfill your career goals, often while working

in the field you choose to study. 

When deciding whether University of Phoenix is the right university for you to earn your degree, you'll need to consider your overall career and educational goals. Degree options at University of Phoenix include degrees in business, nursing, education, criminal justice, social sciences, information technology and more. You can choose from certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programs to suit your needs, and continuing education programs are also available. While University of Phoenix has struggled in the past to be recognized for a top-quality education, over the past several years the university has stepped up its game and become one of the most recognized colleges for online education, and has expanded its degree program options to include a variety of degrees in several different fields. If one of the degree programs at University of Phoenix matches your career goals, you should definitely add them to your list of potential colleges from which to earn your degree!

Need help covering the cost of your education? University of Phoenix offers scholarships and financial aid options to those who qualify, and payment plans are available to help make paying for school more manageable. Financial aid options include Federal financial aid, grants and loans to help finance your education, so you never need to worry about being able to afford a quality education. 

Still not sure whether University of Phoenix is for you? Take the quiz below to find out! 

Which degree do you want to earn?
How much time per week do you have to dedicate to your online education?
Do you currently work in the field you intend to earn your degree in?
Do you plan to work in the field of one of the degree programs offered by University of Phoenix?
Do you currently have a high school diploma or G.E.D.?
Are you at least 16 years of age?
Are you a citizen of the United States or do you have the appropriate student Visa allowing you to attend University of Phoenix?
How long do you expect to take to complete your degree?