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How can I get a free online checking account?

With rising checking account fees and stricter rules for opening accounts, more and more people are turning to the simplicity of online checking accounts, and it's easy to see why. Most online banks offer attractive perks, like interest bearing checking and no fees, giving them clear advantages over local brick-and-mortar banks. For those worried about security, online banks are also FDIC insured, so your money is as safe there as with any big bank.

The number of online banks has grown significantly in the past few years, making the choice of where to put your money a bit more complicated. As with any bank, the best online bank

for you depends on your personal banking needs and financial goals. Take the quiz below to find out which online bank might right for you.

How much of a minimum balance can you comfortably maintain?
Do you prefer to earn an annual interest rate, or cash back on purchases?
How important to you is APY (annual percentage yield)?
Will you be depositing checks online or through a mobile app?
Are you willing to pay a monthly fee?
Will you use online bill pay?
Are you willing to maintain a higher minimum balance if it means a higher APY (annual percentage yield)?