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Which airline miles credit card should I get?

Credit cards can be great financial tools, but they can also be very rewarding by allowing account holders to accrue airline miles. Most major banks and credit institutions offer airline credit rewards cards, which are very popular with credit customers who enjoy racking up points for vacations and weekend getaways. With airline rewards cards, people who use their credit cards responsibly can access great perks as they pay off their monthly balances.

Not all of these cards have the same rules and guidelines, though. The CapitalOne Venture Rewards card boasts that you can earn two airline miles on every dollar that you spend using

the card, while the CapitalOne VentureOne Rewards card is free from yearly membership fees. The Delta Reserve Club Card allows holders to accrue up to 60,000 bonus miles (giving the impression of a person being in an airplane on an almost constant basis), while the LifeMiles Visa card offers a low variable APR and a low yearly membership fee. To find the air travel credit card that would suit your needs the best, answer the questions below.

Are you comfortable with a higher APR if it means that you can accrue more bonus miles throughout the year?
Do you have bad credit, or do you lack previous credit?
Is it important to you to earn as many miles possible on the money you spend?
What is the highest yearly membership fee that you would be willing to pay?
Is it necessary that the membership fee on your card be waived for the first year?
Are you willing to pay a higher yearly membership fee to get more introductory bonus miles?