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Which color of roses should I buy for my date?

If you want to put stars in the eyes of your date on Valentine's Day, then bringing roses to the doorstep is a great first step. A bouquet of roses - or even a single, long-stem rose - is a personal, timeless gift that sets the tone for the rest of your evening. Roses are lush, colorful and wonderfully scented. A red rose is the universal sign of romance, while other colors of roses symbolize other kinds of feelings and relationships. Whether you're celebrating with your spouse or embarking on a first

date, you can't go wrong with the gift of roses.

Take this quiz to learn which color of roses you should bring to your date on Valentine's Day.

How would you best summarize the relationship you share with your date?
How long have you been a couple?
Is your date a friend or a coworker?
Are you trying to tell your date that you have stronger feelings for him or her?
Are you buying flowers for someone who probably isn't aware you like him or her?
Is this date partially an attempt to apologize for something bad that you recently did?
Is this an anniversary date?
Did you recently get engaged or married?
Are you a high school student?
If there were no consequences, which of the following things would you say to your date?