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Which Top-Rated Hybrid Should I Buy?

The single biggest advantage to hybrid cars is their minimal impact on the environment. Hybrid cars get excellent gas mileage, and so they completely maximize their use of fuel overall. Hybrids combine the power of electricity and gasoline, and in doing so, minimize their environmental impact. In effect, the hybrid is a combined car because it utilizes two different power sources to one end-propelling the car. Hybrids don't output nearly the same levels of pollution as regular cars, a fact that makes them ideal in many ways. Choosing the right hybrid car, however, takes some time, patience and research. You'll want to evaluate key elements

such as safety ratings, gas mileage, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our top 3 rated hybrids are the Chevy Volt, with a good range, powerful engine the belies the hybrid rep for low power, and the best part, the stylish looks that makes it feel like a sports car instead of a hybrid, the Honda Insight, one of the first hybrids to hit the market and with that great Honda rep for reliability and quality, and the Toyota Prius, one of the most popular hybrids on the market today, with a great resale value in case you want to get the newest model in a few years. What are your requirements when considering which hybrid may best suit you? Consider what you need in a car as you peruse the dealer choices.

Reading reviews of various hybrid models will help you determine what kind of car will best suit you. Try talking to your peers, as well--do any of them drive hybrids, and if so, how has the experience treated them? By reading reviews and gathering data from other hybrid car owners, you'll begin to see a clear picture of the kind of car you both want and need. Once your decision is made, you can rest easy knowing that you're driving an environmentally sound machine that saves both money and resources all around. The following guide will help you determine what kind of hybrid car will compliment your lifestyle in the best way possible.

The following guide will help you determine what kind of hybrid car will compliment your lifestyle in the best way possible.

What is your ideal price range for a new hybrid car?
Do you need a bigger car to accommodate a family?
Do you want advanced amenities with the car?
Is the exterior aesthetic of the car important to you?
How important is fuel-efficiency to you?
Are safety issues a priority to you?
Will you be commuting long distances in your car?
How important is the car's performance to you?