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Which mobile provider should I sign with?

Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are the four major mobile phone service providers in the United States. The most important factor in choosing a mobile provider should be coverage. A mobile provider may have the best price and exclusive phones available on the network, but it does not mean much if you are unable to get a signal or your calls drop. Areas like San Antonio do not notice that much of a difference in coverage while it is highly significant in places like New York City, where providers like AT&T are notorious for dropped calls. Verizon is the current leader in coverage, followed by Sprint.

After coverage,

it is important to figure out which carrier's plans and prices fit your needs. Based on price alone, T-Mobile is one of the cheapest carriers, but it lacks a 4G presence outside of major cities. Data plans can get pricey. While both Sprint and T-Mobile both offer unlimited data plans, only Sprint promises to not throttle your data if you use a lot each period.

The phone you are planning on using on the network can also be an important consideration. If you already have a phone, you need to know if it is CDMA or GSM compatible. The easiest way to tell is whether or not your phone has a SIM card. If it does, it is a GSM phone and can only be used with AT&T and T-Mobile. If you have a CDMA phone, it can only be used with Verizon or Sprint. Certain new smartphones are carrier specific, which means they cannot be used with another provider. The iPhone was once an AT&T exclusive, but now it is available on multiple networks. AT&T still leads the market with having exclusive smartphones not available with other carriers.

Please answer the questions below to see which mobile provider you should sign with.

Do you want a carrier that has the best coverage?
Do you want a carrier that has the lowest price?
Do you want a carrier that has some of the fastest data speeds available?
Do you want a carrier that offers unlimited data?
What is the most important factor in choosing a mobile phone provider?
Will you be using a CMDA phone or a GSM phone?
How important is it to choose a carrier that has the most exclusive phones available?
How do you feel about contracts and pre-paid options?
How important is it to choose a carrier that offers customer support through email?
Do you want to go with a carrier that doesn't require credit checks?
How often do you travel?